Unlock excellence: Remote Masterclass 101

Can a Masterclass develop your team’s skills?

Whether it’s the need for better communication or time management under pressure, masterclasses have proven to be a powerful tool for organizations looking to provide specialized training to their teams.

In this article, we dive straight into the topic. How they work and what advantages they offer you. With so many standalone features compared to other event types, Masterclasses offer a fresh experience for you and your teammates that is both interactive and online versatile.

What is a Masterclass?

Masterclasses are, in their essence, immersive learning experiences designed to impart in-depth knowledge and skills in a specific area. Whether for social media marketing or conjuring up the perfect roast pork in the kitchen. There are master classes in every field.

Unlike traditional workshops or webinars, masterclasses are tailored to provide an in-depth insight into a topic, often led by a recognized expert or practitioner in the field. These sessions go beyond superficial insights and aim to literally turn the participants into “masters” of the topic.

Masterclasses typically include a combination of lectures, demonstrations, practical exercises and interactive Q&A sessions. They are structured to promote active engagement, encourage critical thinking and create a sense of mastery among participants. This immersive approach distinguishes masterclasses from other conventional learning formats.

How do they work?

Masterclasses bring experts and participants together and thus overcome geographical barriers. The process of conducting a remote masterclass involves several key steps:

Select topic and lecturer:

The first step is to identify a relevant and appealing topic for the masterclass. Try to find an expert lecturer with a strong track record in the subject.

Ask yourself the following question: What results do I/my team expect from the Masterclass?

For example, if you are planning a masterclass on crisis management, make sure that the instructor covers the topics that can be directly implemented by you and your team (such as effective crisis communication, risk assessment and setting up a post-crisis recovery).

The platforms for the Masterclass

A masterclass with live content can take place on various online meeting platforms. Popular options include Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet or special webinar software such as WebinarJam or GoToWebinar.

Make sure that your team has these access options and can also use them.

Let’s turn the tables. Would you like to create your own masterclass?

If you want to ensure that you have a good participation rate, the following step is essential. Start by creating a sign-up page where you have a video or letter encouraging people to participate. After registration, send expectant participants to a confirmation page reminding them of the time, date and clear instructions on how to join the masterclass. If you don’t, this can lead to poor participation. So keep it as simple as possible. Ideally, you should emphasize the value that participants can gain from their participation and explain how their newly acquired skills are directly applicable to their professional development.

Measuring commitment

Measuring engagement is important to see how effective you and the material were. In addition to simply checking the participation rate, we recommend checking team loyalty in real time.

Whether through surveys, Q&As or live quizzes, even platforms as basic as Zoom can quickly capture reactions live. Especially when they are integrated with other interactive tools such as Miro.

Activities after the Masterclass

By far the most important thing is to ensure activities after the master class. Participants must have understood what they have learned and continue to process the information they have learned.

Start by sending a comprehensive summary email to the participants. Summarize the most important findings and provide access to the lecturer’s relevant resources.

Continue to encourage engagement through a dedicated online community or forum, preferably via your website. There, participants can ask questions, share insights and network with each other. For future classes, encourage participants to provide feedback through surveys and reviews. This means that you can stay in contact with your “students” even after successfully completing a master class.

The uniqueness of Masterclasses

“Masterclasses” are held by “masters” in their respective fields. This ensures that you receive specialized and in-depth knowledge from an expert who has achieved the highest level of skill, knowledge and experience. Instead of diluted repetitions of commonly known information that you could find yourself on Wikipedia, the carefully selected teacher will impart knowledge gained through years of research and practice.

Similar to an apprenticeship, they guarantee a “hands-on” approach with practice and application under the guidance of the expert. The advantage for you is the accelerated time frame: While traditional training takes years of hard work to discover the “secrets” of the craft, masterclasses jump straight to the most valuable information. This allows you to concentrate on your technique and, thanks to the low student-to-teacher ratio, you will receive regular individual help from the master.

Our 4-week masterclass

Want to make sure you have the best remote and hybrid collaboration skills? With our comprehensive masterclass format, we enable you to master effective communication in today’s fast-paced, technology-driven world.

We help you and your colleagues to form a motivated and better functioning team that can operate successfully in a networked working environment.

Our Masterclass combines online courses and live workshops in a 4-week format. You will receive practical tips, in-depth knowledge and proven strategies in engaging online courses with exercises.

In this 4-week masterclass, you will learn the basic principles of the Harvard conflict resolution approach and how they can be adapted to the specific requirements of remote team leadership.

The workbook guarantees you a successful transfer of knowledge. In the live sessions, you can interact with other participants and ask questions. This unique combination is what makes our Masterclass so popular at the moment.

What you can expect

  • Interaction in the exclusive LinkedIn community
  • Workbook (print or digital)
  • 4 weeks of intensive support
  • 4 live sessions
  • Goodie bag (only valid in Europe)
  • Certificate of completion

Benefit from the support of our experienced coaches who will take special care of you. The training courses are individually tailored to your needs and goals. You determine the time and schedule of the training so that it can be seamlessly integrated into your daily work routine. We therefore offer you practical and directly applicable knowledge for sustainable success.

You will learn to identify and resolve conflicts productively, which can significantly improve your collaboration. This practical masterclass teaches you directly applicable skills in digital conflict resolution and promotes an open conflict culture. The result? A more motivated and better functioning team that can operate successfully in the networked working world.

€195 per person plus VAT, €2,500 per team (for 10 people) plus VAT.

What are you waiting for now?

A Masterclass offers you a unique, compelling and impactful learning experience and meaningful interaction. By bringing experts and beginners together in an intimate environment based on hands-on learning, Masterclasses foster insights, skills and relationships in a way that inspires and empowers you.

Unlike impersonal conferences or one-sided seminars, the interactive and collaborative nature of a masterclass fosters community, connection and true understanding.

By opening their doors to share specialized knowledge in this format, they can provide you with the relevant skills that directly contribute to your professional development and clarify the “secrets” of success in a particular topic.

Curious about our 4-week masterclass? Simply register via our link here.

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