The Fairlinked material box: A reflection sheet for effective communication

Do you already know our materials box? In it you will find a collection of exciting worksheets for your work. They will help you to improve your online collaboration.

Communication guidelines are a set of rules and recommendations that a team establishes to ensure that communication is effective and efficient. They help to avoid misunderstandings and confusion. They also promote open and transparent communication within the team.

You can organize this process yourself or have an expert accompany you (in part). Especially if you are not yet sure about your choice of communication channels or you want to make a fundamental change to your communication, we recommend consulting an expert. However, if you already have a good communication infrastructure and are only interested in preventing misunderstandings and establishing a common communication culture, then you can also implement the process yourself in your organization.

And this is exactly where our reflection guide comes in.
So why not give it a try and see how it makes your collaboration even easier.

Our reflection sheet for communication guidelines is divided into 3 sections.

1. gain an overview

The first part is about finding out what challenges you are currently facing in your communication. What are the possible causes of these challenges and what technical skills and/or needs do your members have?

2. what should be communicated and how?

Information, support, motivation and ideas – what should be communicated and how? You will ask yourself this question in the 2nd part of the reflection sheet.

3. which tools should be used to communicate something?

In the third part, the question arises as to which tools (chat, e-mail, video conference, telephone) must be used for your communication, what may be communicated and what is not permitted.

Clear and respectful communication: the foundation of successful interpersonal relationships

Clear and respectful communication is the foundation of successful interpersonal relationships. Be it in the professional environment or in your personal life. To help you develop meaningful communication guidelines, we have created a reflection sheet. This will help you to rethink and improve your communication habits.

Let us know in the comments what you think of the reflection sheet. Does it help you?

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