Jana Piske

Agile team management and intercultural teams in the digital space

I am a happy Rhinelander and a real digital nomad.

Life in stations

Right after I graduated from high school, I went to East Africa for 2 years to travel the world and change society. I was able to live out my curiosity about social, political and environmental processes intensively during my geography studies. I changed my place of residence every 2 years. Freiburg, Potsdam, Costa Rica, Malawi or Spain are just some of the places I travelled to. Throughout this journey, I had a companion; an online involvement with Taste of Malawi. Since 2014 I have been bringing politically active and committed young people from all over the world together online to shape society. Independent of time and place. According to the needs of this generation. With the opportunities of digitization.

Initial and continuing education

  • B.Sc. Geography (Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg and University of Costa Rica)
  • MSc Development Cooperation (University of Alicante, Spain)
  • Certified Scrum Master ( Scrum Alliance )

I am happy to have a platform where I can share what I have learned from my experiences, as well as tips and tricks for successful digital and intercultural teamwork. I would be happy to meet you for a virtual coffee. You can book a meeting here.

What differentiates me

Everyone has their own motivation and their own story. These aspects have shaped me in my way as a consultant and as a person. This graph gives you an insight into my world.

Jana Piske's adjectives are empower, move, connect, digitalize, support and volunteer
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