Selected Contributions

Nadja Mühlhäuser

Content creation and social media

I am a dedicated and open-hearted Colognian with Swabian roots.

Life in stations

After my apprenticeship, I started traveling. Via the USA, New Zealand and Australia, I was drawn to Ludwigsburg to finally begin my studies in social work. During my studies, I dealt more and more with the topics of feminism and empowerment, which is why I decided to do a practical semester in Malawi at Taste of Malawi e.V. To this day, I am volunteering digitally in this project. Due to my constant change of residence, I quickly realized that digital work is perfect for me. Even now, during my Masters in Empowerment Studies in Düsseldorf, I can continue to work on what I love – whether it’s volunteering or labor.

Further education

  • administration manager
  • B.A. Social Work (Ludwigsburg Evangelical University, Germany)
  • M.A. Empowerment Studies (Dusseldorf University of Applied Sciences)
  • Certified Scrum Master ( Scrum Alliance )
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