Jana Piske

Agile team management and intercultural teams in the digital space

In 2014, I launched the Taste of Malawi project, an international learning platform that connects tailors in Malawi and students in Europe to jointly learn the structures of social enterprises. As a very young and internationally active team, we work exclusively digitally on the European side. Contrary to many clubs, there is neither a permanent club seat nor regular face-to-face meetings – everything takes place digitally.

I will be happy to share my experiences, tips and tricks for successful digital and intercultural teamwork with you.


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Roman Diaz Garcia

Digital Marketing and Social Enterprises

With the foundation of my social enterprise Podohome, which offers physically impaired people orthopaedic treatment and rehabilitation in their own home. Without my own practice, I rely on digital marketing and communication strategies to reach my target group.

I will be happy to share my secrets of success, as well as my learning experiences, so that you too can reach your target group.


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