In our team meetings and workshops we like to work with the moderation cards, which allow you to give feedback without unmuting. This makes your meetings more interactive and allows faster feedback rounds. We have created the perfect cards for you!

What are moderation cards?:

Moderation cards are small cards that can be used during meetings, workshops or seminars to share and structure ideas or opinions. It is also an easy way to get feedback from the participants. Through the different designs and inscriptions, short messages and notices can be given via the camera during the event.

Advantages of moderation cards:

  • they offer an efficient and time-saving tool for online communication
  • clear structure in the moderation of meetings
  • all participants can be included
  • they enable quick coordination and direct feedback
  • even introverted participants can communicate and participate
  • communication is made more visual and facilitates understanding

If you want to find out more about using moderation cards, take a look at our blog article.

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In order to use the moderation cards particularly effectively, we recommend providing each team member with their own set of cards. This means that every member can easily contribute input to the meeting, so that nothing stands in the way of goal-oriented collaboration!


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