Getting to know yourself and your leadership style in the Remote or Hybrid work world is a very individual process that can occur in different ways.

Having said that, as diverse as your team members and their needs are, so are the challenges and opportunities. Digital team management opens new doors and leads to adventures. That’s why we offer you very individual support. We are convinced that digital collaboration can be successfully achieved in any team!

Ready for the next level?

1:1 Focus session

In our 1:1 focus session we take on your personal challenge in online team management.

You get:

  • Professional analysis of your topic
  • Strategy support
  • Step-by-step plan to finally move forward
  • Methods and tool tips for achieving your goals

Is it about conflict management, motivation, or another entirely different topic? You choose what we work on!

In a 45-60 minute session, we will work out a strategy for you, and at the end you will know exactly what to do from there.

The 1:1 focus session takes place over Zoom.

Price : 99€
(for the 1st date, after that 170€)

Change session

In the change session , I accompany you (and up to 2 other team members) in your change process.

You get:

  • Analysis of the needs of your different stakeholders
  • Support in strategy development
  • A professional sparring partner for your way
  • Training in methods and tools for your process

Do you have a conflict to discuss, are you facing a major transformation or would you like to work on your team culture? I’ll help you with the process!

In a total of 4 sessions, you will receive individual support and valuable tools for the process.

The change sessions take place via Zoom.

Price: 650€
(170€ per additional session)

Depending on the needs, a session can also be realized as a team meeting. We will discuss what is appropriate in your case during our preliminary meeting.

Feel free to contact us by email or by phone on +49 1575 2928036.

Would you like to familiarize yourself with the topic first?

If you are just starting out and want to learn a little more, then drop in on a webinar or get the properly training for your team in your office.

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