Become in just 8 weeks
get rid of your conflicts!

For many people, it is easier to change jobs,
than resolving a conflict.
Discover our conflict resolution model that will soon make you feel more comfortable at work again.

The BEST: Conflict resolution also works for digital teams!

Our digital masterclass combines online courses and live workshops in an 8-week format. In this way, we have already helped many people to become conflict professionals and get back to work!

There are conflicts of interest between different team members.
Digital chaos reigns, which leads to anger and dissatisfaction.
You take your conflicts home with you.


scientifically based

adaptation to
your team

Conflicts are not avoided, but seen as opportunities.
You also conduct conflict discussions on an equal footing digitally.
Your team feels seen and resolves conflicts proactively.

Our masterclass offers you a holistic answer to your (digital) conflicts.

Are you ready to overcome your conflicts and create a more harmonious working environment? Our holistic masterclass is exactly what you need. Whether you work in a digital team or want to overcome personal challenges, we offer customized solutions tailored to your needs.

Let’s work together and find the way to a less stressful and more productive way of working. Our learning groups always start on the first Monday of the month.
Sign up for one of our next learning groups today and discover how our Masterclass can improve your team spirit!

490€ incl. VAT

Do you want to ensure that your employees have the best skills in remote and hybrid collaboration?

Our course not only offers individual solutions , but also maximizes the benefits when the entire team is involved. By participating as a group, we can strengthen team dynamics, deepen our understanding of each other and take communication to a new level. By tackling conflicts together, we learn to grow as a unit and improve our cooperation.

Your keys to success:
The unbeatable advantages of our course!

5-10 minutes per day
in your app

With just 5-10 minutes a day in our app, you can open up unimagined opportunities for personal development! Immerse yourself in a world full of knowledge and inspiration, designed for your flexibility and efficiency. Our short but intensive learning units are perfect for hectic everyday life and allow you to work continuously on your goals without having to invest a lot of time. Take a small step towards success every day and experience how your skills and knowledge are constantly improving.

Live events for exchange with other participants

At our live events, you will experience inspiring discussions and practical exercises that will challenge you and deepen your understanding. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of mutual respect and support, where all participants can share their own perspectives and gain valuable insights. Don’t have time for our live events? No problem! We record all our meetings!

Personalized guide
in your workbook

Our carefully crafted workbook will guide you through every step of your learning journey! Thanks to precise instructions and practical exercises, you can immediately put what you have learned into practice and develop your skills. Maximize your daily study sessions to effectively work on your goals and track your progress.

Certificate at the end
of the course

Celebrate your success with an official certificate at the end of the course! Our certificate not only confirms your participation, but also the skills you have acquired and your commitment to your personal development. It can help to improve your career prospects as it shows that you have undergone further training and have specific skills.

This is how it continues


Register now and start your journey to a more harmonious and productive collaboration! Click on the button below to register directly or contact us by e-mail for more information on group registration.

Kick-Off Event

After registration you will receive all further information from us.
At the beginning of the course phase, there will be a joint live event via Zoom in which we will get to know each other and set up your app in a few simple steps.

start of the accompaniment

After our live event, you can start your learning journey straight away. With daily micro-learning units, you will learn new content step by step and at the same time develop a guideline for your conflict resolution strategy.

Contents of your masterclass

Introduction to conflicts

  1. Conflicts: The art of confrontation
  2. Differences in conflict dynamics: online versus offline

The complexity of conflicts: A look at the visible fronts and hidden backgrounds

  1. In the spotlight of conflict: the hidden backdrops of visible disputes
  2. United in conflict, divided in differences: different types of conflict

Effective conflict management: The art of conflict moderation according to the Harvard method

  1. Win-win or lose-lose: The choice of conflict resolution strategy
  2. Masterfully mediated: The art of conflict moderation according to Harvard

Drawing clear lines: The importance of separating positions and interests

  1. Clarity in conflict: the separation of positions and interests
  2. Between knowledge and action: The ladder of conclusions

BATNA: The role of the best alternative options in negotiations

  1. BATNA: Your ticket to success in negotiations
  2. BATNA 2.0: The further development of your negotiating power

Synergetic negotiations: Acting as a team together with the other party

  1. Strong together: teamwork with the other party for successful negotiations
  2. Out-of-the-box thinking: developing creative solutions

The same rules for everyone: the importance of fair standards and discussion rules for constructive dialogs

  1. Objective criteria: The cornerstone of the Harvard method
  2. Fair play: the art of fair standards and rules of discussion

Respectful online communication: strategies for avoiding conflict

  1. Virtual harmony: Constructive conflict culture and collaboration in online teams
  2. Effective emails, calm chats: communication strategies for a harmonious online environment

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