Leading Remote Teams: An Insight

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This blog article is based on a podcast recording on leading remote teams. Feel free to listen to the podcast or read the content as part of the blog article. Just learn how it suits you best.

This blog post deals with the topic of “leading remote teams” and is based on an interview with the podcast Podsimple. Our everyday life, our jobs and also our honorary posts are becoming more and more digital. Location-independent working is becoming more and more popular and presents us all with new challenges.
Are you wondering how to manage a team online well? Then this short article is just right for you.

Show your presence!

It is of great importance to convey your presence to the team. A good presence and accessibility brings trust and motivates the participants to be present and accessible themselves. When you work digitally, you don’t see each other that often and/or only online. You can’t meet spontaneously in the hallway or in the kitchen to exchange ideas. This makes it important to keep the threshold for making contact as low as possible. Flat hierarchies make communication easier. Show your team that you are there for them and that you are always available.

Note: Be available before and after each meeting to make up for the distance deficit. This also creates online “doorway conversations” and it is easier to stay in touch.

Our tip: Only do as many projects as you can manage!

Be pro active!

In online collaboration, as a leader, you have to be aware that you have to be much more proactive about everything. Many formats of social interaction were not really a management task before – but with digital collaboration they suddenly are. As a manager, you have to invest time to think about a concept for implementing digital work. It is important to note that everyone learns from childhood how to work offline in a team. The skills for online teamwork first have to be acquired and re-learned. However, this will change in the future with the next generation. Because these people grow up with online formats and the necessary skills from the very beginning.

Note: New experiences must be gained and a space for exchange must be created.

Have fun digitizing!

It is important to realize that digitization can be fun! It is a door opener for many new ideas. Digital processes can seem difficult at first – but they have a lot of potential! The flexibility that online work brings with it gives you the chance to try out many things and be curious. The online forms of communication, collaboration and events have now reached such a low level that it is very easy to learn. Please take a look at our blog posts!

Our tip: Take the experimentation and learning with composure and find fun in something new!

Adjust your business models!

In addition to the work culture and the team culture, the organizations must also change. Problems such as a lack of offspring are already an issue. In order to find new members, you have to speak their language and make the organization attractive. The next generation does not choose their organization based on fixed employment contracts or good pay, but primarily pays attention to being able to work (spatially) flexibly, project-related and with meaning. The end results of the work should be of high quality and valuable. Structures must be created in which this is possible. Please read our article on volunteer recruitment.

Our tip: use the experience of the younger generation. Involve exactly these people in the processes to know exactly what they want. Because the knowledge of the established managers in the field of team leadership and development of the organization in connection with the knowledge of the next generation in the field of flexible online formats brings the best possible results for your organization.

See digitization as an opportunity and take it with great joy! You can only learn and dare to try things out. Go out into the world, try it out! Change your perspective and take advantage of the new opportunities.

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