Introduction to digitised volunteering

Welcome to the world of a thousand possibilities!

What are the possibilities of digital volunteering for your organization?

With your possibility to volunteer remotely, you open up your association to other groups of highly motivated and qualified committed people: Generation X/Y, globetrotters of all generations and all those who want to pursue their voluntary work flexibly.


  • What does digital volunteering mean?
  • What opportunities open up for your association by offering a digital commitment?
  • What is essential for a smooth digital teamwork?
  • How to find digital volunteers?

All these answers can be found in this hour-long online webinar!

Creating a digital team isn't difficult, and with a few tricks and tips, you can soon open your projects to digital employees. Sign up for our online course and we'll go the way together. It would be a great pleasure for us to be able to support you in this!

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