February 15, 2022 Online Relationship Building: The Way to a Healthy Long-Distance Relationship

1h online lecture in cooperation with the Haus des Stiftens

We are relationship people online too. Trusting relationships with our teammates, our target group or even clients are at the heart of your association work? In this webinar you will learn how to build a trusting bond over the internet. It ranges from getting to know each other to maintaining relationships using the different communication channels on the Internet.


  • What does it take to make a good first impression in a video conference or on the phone?
  • How do I create a trusting atmosphere in a virtual room?
  • How does a business relationship work without meeting in person?
  • Which tools and methods can help me with this?

This module is primarily about building relationships between two people (e.g. in mentoring relationships, tandems, consultations, etc.). It is not about building relationships between the organization in general and a specific group (donors, entrepreneurs,…).

About the series “Online relationship work in the society”:

Non-profit organizations live from their social network and their cohesion. However, we all learned the skills of forming, accompanying and promoting teams in person. Digital collaboration is also possible and even desirable! In this 3-part webinar series, you will learn how to strengthen the digital sense of togetherness. You will get to know both technical and methodical tools in order to successfully apply what you have learned in practice. All other webinars in this series can be found here .

Recommendation: Organizations from Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Webinar: 02/15/2022 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m

Participation fee: Free

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