Expert discussion: Video production – Mirjam and Jana in exchange

In exchange with Mirjam from @hands.on_ehrenamt , we present our experiences in the video shoot. I use Instagram and Facebook for short videos for my social media channel and create explanatory videos. Mirjam publishes a weekly 5-10 minute video tutorial on the further development and qualification of volunteers for their commitment on @youtube .

As in the last videos, we give you ideas for the technical equipment (camera, sound and light). And also some tips on how to move in front of the camera.

We present the following technical devices to you in this video:

Jana works with:
Mobile: Oppo A72 ( @oppo )
Microphone for speech: the t.bone sc 420 usb desktop set

Miriam works with:
Mobile: iPhone 11/12 Pro (and tripod) @apple
Lapel microphone(s) with cable: maono, Lavalier Microphone AU 100 and 200 @maonoglobal
Lapel microphone wireless: SmartMike+ from Sabinetek @sabinetekaudio
Camera follower: Pivo
Light: K&F Concept 10″ Ring Light 3 Light Mode 11 Level Brightness Dimmable LED Ring Light Tripod with Remote Control and K&F Concept Video Light 96 Silver Video Light

Here you can go directly to our video on hybrid events or successful video conferences .

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