Expert Discussion: Hybrid events – Mirjam and Jana in Exchange

The second conversation with Mirjam from @hands.on_ehrenamt is about the organization of hybrid events. We tell you about our experiences with event formats where people are present online and offline. And of course we’ll also give you a few of our technical recommendations.

To transmit the sound for several offline participants, you need one (or more series-connected) conference loudspeakers. Mirjam uses the “eMeet 4 AI microphone 360º speech recognition”, which can be connected to others using a daisy chain cable.
For the video transmission of a group you can e.g. B. use several cell phones from different perspectives. Or you can use a cell phone with a wide-angle lens and connect it to the computer participating in the conference using the “Camo” software/app.
You can find out more ideas and tips in the video.

Click here for our first video with tips for successful video conferences.

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