Digital collaboration redefined: Team spirit in the digital era.

True digital leadership and online team building are the skills of the future – here you will gain the know-how and tools necessary to excel in self-organized teams and remote leadership . Immerse yourself with us in a world where you and your team not only have more fun working together through inclusion and human connection, but also overcome conflicts together and develop a real digital sense of togetherness.

Skills of the future

expect the possibility of remote work from their employer
remote workers earn more on average per year
of the remote teams
want strategic team building

Source: Remote Work Statistics & Trends In (2024) – Forbes Advisor

Choose your level: programs that inspire & transform

Discover a variety of inspiring tools and resources specifically designed to revolutionize your remote team leadership in our online store. Dive in and find the perfect materials to motivate your team, lead effectively and gain more time for the important things!

Mostly purchased in the area of digital leadership & team building

Digital mediation cards offer an innovative and effective method to optimize communication and conflict resolution in remote teams. The added value of such maps lies in their ability to make complex situations tangible and provide a structured framework for discussions.

With our structured four-step process – from requesting feedback to setting goals – you offer every team member the opportunity to actively contribute, identify areas for development and build on strengths. An evaluation method for modern teams. Available as a handy digital PDF

Your team is spread across different locations and you are wondering how to build a strong team feeling? We have the perfect solution for you! Our diverse online team building activities are designed to bring your team closer together and create unforgettable shared experiences.


Develop your remote team leadership skills with our online workshops on digital team building and leadership. We cover essential topics – from strengthening digital routines and building trust at a distance to innovative conflict management. Benefit from discounted or free participation opportunities thanks to our partners, with special prices for non-profit organizations and the purchase of workshop recordings. Don’t miss the opportunity to equip your team for the challenges of the digital working world.

Not the right topic for you?

Then we have two options for you on how to get to your desired workshop.

Be the first to find out about our upcoming workshop dates.

Get us on your team exclusively with your favorite topic.

In our 8-week program, we guide you step by step through the resolution of a real conflict in your team and equip you with all the knowledge and skills to successfully apply our proven method in other contexts. Discover how conflict resolution also works in digital teams and become a conflict professional who not only masters conflicts but also rediscovers the joy of work. Let us support you and soon feel more comfortable in your team again

Your keys to success:
The unbeatable advantages!

5-10 minutes per day
in your app

With just 5-10 minutes a day in our app, you can open up unimagined opportunities for personal development! Immerse yourself in a world full of knowledge and inspiration, designed for your flexibility and efficiency. Our short but intensive learning units are perfect for hectic everyday life and allow you to work continuously on your goals without having to invest a lot of time. Take a small step towards success every day and experience how your skills and knowledge are constantly improving.

Live events for exchange with other participants

At our live events, you will experience inspiring discussions and practical exercises that will challenge you and deepen your understanding. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of mutual respect and support, where all participants can share their own perspectives and gain valuable insights. Don’t have time for our live events? No problem! We record all our meetings!

Personalized guide
in your workbook

Our carefully crafted workbook will guide you through every step of your learning journey! Thanks to precise instructions and practical exercises, you can immediately put what you have learned into practice and develop your skills. Maximize your daily study sessions to effectively work on your goals and track your progress.

Certificate at the end
of the course

Celebrate your success with an official certificate at the end of the course! Our certificate not only confirms your participation, but also the skills you have acquired and your commitment to your personal development. It can help to improve your career prospects as it shows that you have undergone further training and have specific skills.

Support your team with customized in-house training courses that are precisely tailored to your needs and goals – whether digital or on-site, the main thing is interactive.

What sets our workshops apart

Our training courses are tailor-made to bridge the gap between analog experience and digital excellence. You have the freedom to choose both the topic and the format of your training, which allows us to offer a perfectly tailored webinar for every need of your team. Whether it’s improving communication, resolving conflicts effectively or strengthening team dynamics, our training formats are designed to promote social interaction while increasing productivity and satisfaction in your online team.

Let’s drive your team’s digital transformation together. Choose Fairlinked for your in-house training and discover how we can not only maintain but also enrich collaboration in your team. Contact us now to book your customized webinar and take full advantage of the added value of real teamwork – even online.

Selection of topics with a focus on digital leadership & team building

5 phases of digital team building

Optimize your team in the digital environment with our practice-oriented 5-phase model. Discover how to meet the needs of your team and the business and how to effectively use technical and methodological tools to realize the full potential of your hybrid or digital team.

Moderation of digital and hybrid team meetings

Are you ready to successfully tackle the challenges of moderating digital and hybrid teams?
Would you like to learn how to ensure effective and interactive collaboration in the virtual world? This workshop will free you from the curse of boring digital team meetings!

Online conflict mediation

We give you the tools you need to communicate effectively in the digital world and achieve sustainable results for your team.
clarify understandings, promote empathy and facilitate solution-finding that involves all team members.

Take the shortcut and benefit from our many years of experience in the world of digital change. Either selectively through negotiation advice, mediation or with our process support, which guides your company through every stage of team development – take the decisive step and cut things short.

Specific topics in the area of digital leadership & team building

In the specific area of digital leadership and team building, we offer process support in the following areas, for example:

  • Building and strengthening digital leadership skills: We guide leaders in the core competencies of the digital era, including remote leadership, effective online communication and the use of digital tools for team leadership. Whether with your junior managers or with experienced managers.
  • Promoting an inclusive digital work culture: Our expertise helps to shape a work culture that promotes diversity and inclusion, with a particular focus on integrating and valuing all team members, regardless of their location.
  • Online mediation and negotiations: We support teams in resolving conflicts and digital negotiations. So that you always achieve the best result for yourself.
  • Conflict management in virtual teams: Conflicts can arise in any team, but especially in virtual environments. We offer strategies and tools to prevent conflicts and to resolve them when they arise.
  • Building and maintaining trust at a distance: Learn how to build trust as a leader in a team working remotely to create a strong, connected community.
  • Implementation of digital team building measures: Discover creative ways to bring your team together online and strengthen the sense of unity.

Finanzierungsmöglichkeit für KMUs

As an INQA-certified company, our 4-7 month coaching is 80% subsidizable and therefore a really great deal.

Our process support in the area of digital leadership and team building aims not only to master the challenges of digital change, but also to take full advantage of the numerous opportunities it offers. Contact us to find out more about how we can guide your team through digital transformation.

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