Conflict Moderation Cards: Effective Support for Mediation and Conflict Discussion

Header Effective support for mediation and conflict talk

Conflict is a natural part of human coexistence. They occur in a variety of situations, whether in personal settings, at work, or in communities. Effective communication is critical in managing conflict, but this can often be a challenge in heated situations. This is where conflict moderation cards come into play. These small but powerful tools provide structured support for mediation and conflict discussions. And this is exactly why we decided to create our own conflict moderation cards. You can find them in our store.

Structured communication

One of the biggest challenges in conflict situations is that communication often becomes destructive or unstructured. Conflict moderation cards provide a clear structure and focus attention on specific aspects of the conflict. They serve as a guide for the conversations and enable the participants to express their thoughts and feelings in a targeted manner.

Our favorite card for this purpose:

Card: You speak first

Promotion of empathy and change of perspective

Conflict moderation cards encourage a change of perspective and promote empathy between the conflict parties. They can represent different points of view or emotions that are selected and discussed by the participants. This allows the parties to put themselves in each other’s shoes and develop a deeper understanding of each other.

Our favorite card for this purpose:

Map: Change of perspective

Support with emotion regulation

Conflict is often accompanied by strong emotions that can affect communication and thinking. Conflict facilitation cards provide a structured framework for talking about these emotions. By allowing participants to identify and express their emotions, they are encouraged to better regulate their feelings and communicate in a more constructive way.

Our favorite card for this purpose:

Card: This makes me angry

Focus on solutions

Conflict moderation cards shift the focus away from the past and problems to solutions. They may include questions or suggestions that encourage stakeholders to seek common goals and compromises. This encourages the conflict parties to find constructive solutions and to think about possible courses of action.

Our favorite card for this purpose:

Map: Focus on the solution!

Promotion of active participation

Conflict moderation cards are used to encourage the active participation of all parties to the conflict. Everyone can choose their card and present their point of view, needs or proposed solutions . This creates an equal platform for all stakeholders and promotes collaboration in conflict resolution.

Our favorite card for this purpose:

Map: I agree with you

Our conclusion

Conflict facilitation cards are valuable tools to promote communication, empathy and solution orientation in mediation and conflict discussions. They provide structured support to calm heated discussions and focus on constructive solutions. The active participation of the parties to the conflict creates a common basis for addressing the conflict on a respectful and cooperative level.

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