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At Fairlinked, we believe that at the heart of every strong organization is an engaged community and effective public relations. Our mission is to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to master modern corporate communications, effectively attract and retain members and expand your reach. Dive into the world of community building with us and discover how to build a community around your work that is greater than the sum of its parts through authentic relationships and strategic communication.

Skills of the future

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are part of a community
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We are currently in the exciting phase of developing templates and tools for community building and public relations. Although we are not yet able to offer ready-made materials in this particular field, we are fully committed to creating innovative and practical resources that will significantly support and facilitate your work in these areas. Stay tuned for what’s to come and keep an eye out for our future offerings specifically designed to empower your community and spread your message effectively. We look forward to supporting you soon with our new tools and resources!

Mostly purchased in the area of community building & public relations

In our team meetings and workshops we like to work with the moderation cards, which allow you to give feedback without unmuting. This makes your meetings more interactive and allows faster feedback rounds. We have created the perfect cards for you!

The book “Beyond Screens” is a practical guide to effective communication in the digital working world. Essentially, the book teaches how to communicate and collaborate effectively. It’s a must-read for anyone who wants to take full advantage of the flexibility and efficiency of remote working.

Our store offers a wide range of tools and templates to support you in your work.


Boost your community management, unleash storytelling and creativity, and celebrate success on social media with our focused online webinars. Learn how to build an engaged community, captivate with powerful stories and shine with creative approaches on social media. Take the opportunity to redefine your brand with our expert tips and make it visible in the digital world.

Benefit from discounted or free participation opportunities thanks to our partners, with special prices for non-profit organizations and the purchase of workshop recordings. Don’t miss the opportunity to equip your team for the challenges of the digital working world.

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We are not currently offering a masterclass on community building, but we are already busy planning! To make sure you don’t miss any updates and are the first to know about the release of our specialized masterclass, we recommend subscribing to our newsletter. This way you will always be up to date and receive exclusive information directly in your mailbox. Register now and be one of the first to hear about our upcoming masterclass on community building!

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5-10 minutes per day
in your app

With just 5-10 minutes a day in our app, you can open up unimagined opportunities for personal development! Immerse yourself in a world full of knowledge and inspiration, designed for your flexibility and efficiency. Our short but intensive learning units are perfect for hectic everyday life and allow you to work continuously on your goals without having to invest a lot of time. Take a small step towards success every day and experience how your skills and knowledge are constantly improving.

Live events for exchange with other participants

At our live events, you will experience inspiring discussions and practical exercises that will challenge you and deepen your understanding. Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of mutual respect and support, where all participants can share their own perspectives and gain valuable insights. Don’t have time for our live events? No problem! We record all our meetings!

Personalized guide
in your workbook

Our carefully crafted workbook will guide you through every step of your learning journey! Thanks to precise instructions and practical exercises, you can immediately put what you have learned into practice and develop your skills. Maximize your daily study sessions to effectively work on your goals and track your progress.

Certificate at the end
of the course

Celebrate your success with an official certificate at the end of the course! Our certificate not only confirms your participation, but also the skills you have acquired and your commitment to your personal development. It can help to improve your career prospects as it shows that you have undergone further training and have specific skills.

Support your team with customized in-house training courses that are precisely tailored to your needs and goals – whether digital or on-site, the main thing is interactive.

What sets our workshops apart

Our training courses are specifically designed to master the art of community building and public relations. You enjoy the freedom to choose both the topic and the format of your training, which allows us to offer a webinar optimally tailored to the specific needs of your organization. Whether it’s about increasing your reach, intensifying member loyalty or successfully positioning your brand in the digital world – our training formats aim to develop effective communication strategies and maximize the visibility of your community.

Together we can redefine the presence of your brand or organization in the digital landscape. Choose Fairlinked for your in-house training and discover how we can not only support your organization’s public relations and community building, but also take it to the next level. Contact us now to book your customized webinar and take full advantage of a strong, engaged community.

Selection of topics with a focus on community building & public relations

KI creative workshop

Explores the fascinating possibilities of artificial intelligence (AI) for various areas of content creation. Dive in and discover how AI-based brainstorming can take your idea generation to a new level and help you develop innovative concepts, images and texts.

Attracting young talent via social media

Dive into practical strategies that are specifically tailored to the needs of the digital era and learn how you can successfully address team members via platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Co.

Digital storytelling

Anyone can tell stories – we’ll show you how!
Present your work online in a captivating way! Discover the power of digital storytelling on Instagram, Facebook, newsletters and websites to make a lasting impact.

Fairlinked is all about navigating you and your organization through the challenges and opportunities of digital change. Our process support, individual coaching and comprehensive change management are tailored to support you in creating sustainable change. These changes affect not only the technological infrastructure, but also the culture of your organization. With our expertise, you will turn challenges into opportunities and shape a future that prioritizes innovation, efficiency and human connection.

Topics in the area of community building & public relations

In the area of community building and public relations, we support you with key aspects such as

  • Community management with content creation and moderation: Especially when building and scaling your community, it is crucial to create appealing content and actively moderate communication. We support you in building a vibrant and engaged community that reflects the core of your brand.
  • Strategy development for your community: A clear and well thought-out strategy is the foundation of every successful community. Together, we develop a customized plan that clearly defines your goals, targets the right audiences and encourages long-term engagement.
  • Canva Design Consulting: Visual communication is crucial for an effective online presence. We offer advice and training on how to use Canva so you can create engaging designs that reinforce your message and visually inspire your community.
  • Analysis and optimization of the digital platform strategy: We support you in analyzing your current online platforms and social media in order to identify optimization potential. Together, we develop strategies to use your digital channels more effectively for community building and public relations and ensure that your messages reach the right target groups.
  • Developing engagement strategies for the target group: Engaged communities do not develop overnight. We help you to develop customized engagement strategies that are tailored to the needs and interests of your target group. From interactive campaigns to user-generated content initiatives, discover how to build lasting relationships and actively engage your community.
  • Crisis intervention and dealing with feedback and criticism in social media: In the digital world, feedback, both positive and critical, is unavoidable. We offer training courses and workshops in which you learn how to deal constructively with feedback, master crisis communication and protect your brand image even in challenging times.

Finanzierungsmöglichkeit für KMUs

As an INQA-certified company, our 4-7 month coaching is 80% subsidizable and therefore a really great deal.

These topics complement our offering and ensure that you and your organization are optimally positioned in all facets of digital communication and community management. Contact us to find out how we can support you in these and other areas.

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