People are also team players online! Most of us have gained our experience in working and managing teams analogously. People working in online teams have the same basic needs as in face-to-face teams: the need for social interaction .

With this goal in mind, we have developed various training formats. You are free to choose your topic and format , so we offer a suitable webinar for every need.

Our seminars are made for people

Our topics

Online team lead

Collaboration is becoming more and more digital and the demands on managers are increasing. There are very different working models with different needs. For a motivated and functioning team, you have to learn which working models make which demands on the team and management.

  • Online Teambuilding – Skills for the Team Leaders of Tomorrow
  • Routines for motivating online meetings – regularly strengthen team spirit
  • Online conflict management – master difficult situations with confidence
  • Building trust at a distance – Build and maintain relationships despite distance
  • Online communication – more than just exchange of information
  • Collaboration and task management – get active together
  • Online workshops – design activating online events
  • Moderation and presentation in online formats – appear confident and be remembered positively
  • Networking in online events – How to build a meaningful network
  • Online elections and voting – participation despite distance
  • Lead online discussions – stay goal-oriented in exchange

Digital Volunteering

Fairlinked helps with digitization and puts the focus on people. In 2019, 57% of all volunteers stated that their voluntary work was carried out completely or to a large extent via the internet ( voluntary survey 2019 ). Volunteering in the home office is a great way to reach new volunteers, bind them to the organization and even expand the organization’s offer. What are you waiting for?

  • Webinar series “Volunteering in the home office” (can also be booked individually)
    • communication
    • collaboration
    • events
    • team building
  • Webinar series “Online relationship work in the club” (can also be booked individually)
    • Team building – skills for tomorrow’s team leaders
    • Conflict Management – Recognize the elephant in the room
    • Relationship building – The path to a healthy long distance relationship
    • Induction and farewell – shaping the beginning and end of online volunteering
  • Introduction to digitized volunteer work
  • A Match! Recruiting volunteers despite the pandemic
  • Online elections and voting

Your topic is not included yet? Write us a message and we’ll see if we can offer the topic for your team.

Our formats

Our formats are: keynote, input lecture, seminars, training and courses. As additional services, we offer team building events, moderation, exchange of experiences, practice sessions and technical training.

Are you looking for a specific service for your team?

Of course, we also offer tailor-made services. Tell us about your project and we look forward to seeing how we can best support you.

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