Author name: Sara Okic

A boring meeting

Why You Should Cancel Your Next Meeting!

If you go through your to-do lists each week, you’ll see a handful of meetings. Some of them are important, others you consider quite unnecessary. You stop and wonder what is the purpose of this meeting? Or you spend hours and hours in meetings where you often think “this meeting could have been an email”?!

02/09/2022 Organize digital barcamps

Of all the event formats, the Barcamp is the most participatory. You provide the framework – the participants determine the content and topics themselves. Jana Piske presents the technical and methodological possibilities of a bar camp. As a digital nomad and an expert in intercultural online teamwork, she knows what is important so that the openness of the format does not end in chaos and the event is a success.

February 8th, 2022 Online Conflict Management: The Elephant in the Room in the Video Conference

Everyone sees the elephant in the room, but nobody dares to speak to him. It’s even more difficult in video conferences, because it’s too easy to mentally leave the virtual space and avoid the conflict. The discussion that clarifies the situation is often postponed to the next personal meeting. But what if no face-to-face conversation can take place?

February 15, 2022 Online Relationship Building: The Way to a Healthy Long-Distance Relationship

We are relationship people online too. Trusting relationships with our teammates, our target group or even clients are at the heart of your association work? In this webinar you will learn how to build a trusting bond over the internet. It ranges from getting to know each other to maintaining relationships using the different communication channels on the Internet.

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